Treatment Prices


Podiatry Treatments - Our prices and timings of appointments have had to change to stay in line with the extra needs for virus protection.  

Virtual appointment Screening - Free

Request to be telephone appointment. We will call you and help you decide what apointment type you need, take details and get you booked in. Call 01303272404, email or book online.                                                     

Virtual Appointment  - £30

Have help and guidance from a HCPC reg Podiatrist on what the pain or problem is your experiencing and how you can manage it. We can then send you out products and treatment packages where needed.                                                                                                                             

Podiatry foot care -  £45

During the Corona Virus outbreak we are open to patients who require Podiatry treatment - subject to risk screening. Painful corns, callus, foot lesions, ingrown toenails, diabetic foot care. We have extended treatment times , cleaning protocols and PPE to keep you and our staff safe. You will need to be screened initially.                                                                                          

Podiatry Visit - £50

If you cant  leave the house and require foot treatment. You will need to be screened initially (see top).                                                                                    

Biomechanical Treatment - From £60

For treatment of foot pain that is effecting your quality of life and or mobility. Injury and illness rehab, Plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, lower limb pain, heel pain, arch pain and more.                                                                              

Nail Surgery Package - Price will be given at Screening - From £190

Removal of ingrown, damaged or infected nails, Surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic (numbing the area). Price and treatment type will be discussed at screening (We offer partial and total nail removals, with treatment options to prevent nail regrowth).                                                         

Verrucae Needling - From 120

Our most successful verrucae treatment option performed under a local anaesthetic, with most patient only needing one treatment.  (You will need to book a Virtual Risk Screening before this treatment)- Verrucae treatments are limited during the corona virus epidemic.                           

Funagl Laser Assessment and prep-  £80 (includes testing)

Assess your fungal nail in preparation of treatment. Take nail samples for testing,thin out nails, ensure you are suitable for treatment and that you are well informed about treatment involvement, outcomes and costs. Price for treatment can be given at Laser assessment Price is dependant on severity of infection and how many toe nails are infected. (You will need to book a Nail laser assessment before this treatment). This service is not available during the corona virus epidemic.                                           

Bespoke Orthotic Package - From £395

75 minute gait and range of motion assessment -Your Podiatrist who specialises in Biomechics with a masters degree will use his knowledge and experience, pressure mapping, G-walk, foam impressions, 3D imaging , Templo 2d Video analysis and amfit foot scanning to thoroughly assess your complaint in order to give you an accurate diagnosis. 

Fitting - Your Podiatrist will use the above analysis in order to design your custom orthotics (she inserts). We will then get you in to have them fitted into your shoes - adding optional topcovers for comfort and style. 

- Review - We then give you around 4 weeks to break in your orthotics, getting used to wearing them daily and observing and making note of your pain reduction. 

The prices are here to guide you, they may vary.