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FootHouse - Covoid 19 , Coronavirus Update

The Government guidelines on conviod 19 social distancing is that we should avoid all non essential contact. So we ask those who are able to self manage for the time being; Please do. For those who loosing access to treatment would represent a high risk to your health; Please call and we will assess evry individuals need. 

we'd like to update you on the steps FootHouse is taking as an essential health care provider.

Our priority is always the health and wellbeing of our team and patients and we are doing everything we can to provide the right service to the people who are in need. Our team is working hard to ensure that we can continue to make essential Podiatry available. We have made Video chat available for some assessments and advise, if we cannot see you in person.


What we consider essential - However each case will be assessed individually 

1. Diabetic Foot Ulcers and wound care

2. Foot wounds / lesions care - assessment, cleaning, dressing and offloading.

3. Infections to the foot and lower leg

4. Treatment of painful feet, that are resticting mobility.

5. New heat, swelling, pain, redness of the foot or lower leg; especially for those with diabetes and/or vascular disease. 

From today our focus will be on keeping essential care available for people with high risk feet who may be experincing complications, but cannot attend GP sergeries or A&E. We endevour to support the local community and our NHS, whilst fighting to keep ourselves, our families and you safe from Covoid 19.  We will be reviewing the situation on a day by day basis and as soon as we can each day, will clarify on our website and our social channels what our status is. FootHouse will be operating on APPOINTMENT ONLY basis with NO WALK INS, PLEASE PHONE IF YOU NEED HELP OR ADVISE.

To keep staff and patients safe, we have introduced some key safety measures.


  • No non essential staff on site.

  • Appointments to be made with a 30 minute gap between; so there is never more than one patient in the building at a time.

  • ONLY enter FootHouse at your designated time.

  • Pre payment / online payment of appointment where possible or two 'contactless' card payments.

  • DO wash your hands before attending and wear clean clothes.

  • Toilet facilities will be closed.

  • DO attend alone where possible

  • DO NOT attend if you have experienced any Covoid 19 symptoms; sore throat, temperature, cough. Or been in contact with anyone who has. nhs -coronavirus-covid-19 -symptoms-and-what-to-do.

  • Patients to be explicitly advised of their risk of attending.

  • Do not touch your face.

FootHouse Corona Virus.jpg

We will continue to review the situation and update you with any changes as soon as we are able. We really care about you, our patients and we are trying our hardest to be there for the ones who really need  us. Keep safe and stay at home, Lots of Love from All of us at FootHouse.

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