Treatment Prices



Virtual Assessment 15mins - £15

Assessment with HCPC reg Podaitrist via video link - find out whether you should come into clinic or self manage.

Virtual Visit 30 mins - £30

Have help and guidance from a HCPC reg Podiatrist on what the pain or problem is your experiece and how to manage it. 

Essetial Footcare 40 mins - £40

During the Corona Virus outbreak we are open to patients who require urgent footcare.

Podiatry/chiropody 1st Appointment (Up to 40 mins) - £40

First treatment of corns, callus, ingrown nails, thicken nails, diabetic assessments and more.

Routine Podiatry Appointment (Up to 30 mins) - £33

For Patients we've seen within the last 6 months

Toenail Cutting - £25 

Visit 1st Appointment - £45

If you cant  leave the house this appointment is right for you

Routine Visit Appointment - £35

For patients we've seen within the last 6 months


Verrucae Assessment - £33

We offer 3 main treatments, find out which one is most suitable for you.(receive topical treatment at this appointment for an extra £10)

Verrucae Topical follow up Appointment -  £25

These treatments are very successful, but do require multiple treatments. We will discuss this at your assessment.

Verrucae Needling -starts from £120

This has our highest rate of success and usually only requires one treatment. (Price is dependent on how many verrucae you have and is performed under a local anaesthetic, you will need to book an assessment before this treatment) For this treatment you will need to book a Surgery Initial Assessment 

Biomechanics - Orthotics, insoles and more

Biomechanical Initial Assesment - £33

For all foot and lower limb complaints find out treatment options and costs.

Full Biomechanical Assessment - £95

An in depth analysis. We recommend an Initail assessment first. 

Bespoke Orthotic Package - from £395

This includes Full Bio Assessment, orthotic fitting and an 8 week review. (Some ailment require more time/resources so this is a price guide, which can be confirmed at your initial assessment.)

Semi Bespoke orthotics - from £180

Some ailment require more time/resources so this is a price guide, which can be confirmed at your initial assessment.

Off the shelf othotics - £30 - 90

Surgery - Treatments under a local anaesthetic

Surgery initial assessment - £33

We will review your ailment along with your medical history and advise you on costs and most suitable treatment.

Nail Surgery - Price will be given at Surgery assessment - from £160

Removal of ingrown, damaged or infected nails, price will be discussed at initial assessment. (We offer partial and total nail removals, with treatment options to stop nail regrowth).

Verrucae Needling - From £120

Our most successful verrucae treatment option performed under a local anaesthetic, with most patient only needing one treatment.  (You will need to book a surgery initial assessment before this treatment)

Fungal Nail Laser 

Laser Assessment - £33

Assess your fungal nail in preparation of treatment. Take a nail sample, ensure you are suitable for treatment and that you are well informed about treatment involvement, outcomes and costs. 

Nail Laser session - Price can be given at Laser assessment

Price is dependant on severity of infection and how many toe nails are infected. (You will need to book a Nail laser assessment before this treatment).

The prices are here to guide you, they may vary.
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