Fungal Nail Treatment in Folkestone

One in ten adults suffer from toenail fungus


FootHouse is here to help. You will need to book a Podiatry 1st appointment, were we will assess your health, medical history, nail status and take a sample of your nail for culturing,


We will assist you in choosing the most effective treatment plan for your nails.


These include;

  • Topical ointments

  • Laser treatment

  • Nail surgery 

  • Oral drugs

What is Fungal Infection?

Toenail fungus causes yellowing, thickening or crumbling of nails.  Although the fungus usually infects toenails, in some cases fingernails can be infected.  Some patients see nail color changes which can vary from brown or yellow to black or green. The fungus can also lead to streaks or spots down the side of the nail which may result in the loss of the nail.

What causes toenail fungus? Yeasts and molds combine with dampness to cause toenail fungus.  Wearing tight-fitting shoes or not letting feet dry out gives toenail fungus a place to grow.  Other risk factors include diabetes, a compromised immune system, or an abnormal PH skin level.  The likelihood of toenail fungus increases with age which leads to reduced blood circulation, and more risk of exposure.

You’re not alone Toenail fungus, also called onychomycosis, affects 8-10% of all adults, a percentage which increases with age.  People with diabetes and weakened immune systems are more susceptible than others. 

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Treatment for fugal infected toe nail

You have discussed your options and you've decided to treat your fungal infection with our nail laser. 


The Noveon NaiLaser includes several features to ensure effective toenail fungus treatment:

  • Light, not heat – While most toenail fungus lasers use designs that can cause pain and may not kill the fungus, scientists have identified two laser wavelengths that are particularly effective at destroying fungus cells without producing high levels of heat.  The Noveon NaiLaser uses both of these wavelengths.  

  • Automatic operation – A computer program controls the operation of the Noveon NaiLaser.  This increases treatment effectiveness and reduces the possibility of heat buildup. 

  • Patient guards – Instead of a handheld wand, the Noveon NaiLaser uses laser pathways connected to patient guards treating up to four toes at a single time. 

  • Patient control – A patient can instantly stop treatment with a pause switch at any time.


# NO side effects

# Pain free

# Your in control

# FDA approved devise

# Rigorous clinical trials

To begin this treatment book a Podiatry 1st Appointment