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Proud to be fixing foot pain in Folkestone, Kent

I had an accident when I was 9 that left me with a damaged ankle. I’m now 60. Over the years I’ve met many podiatrists and had many solutions to ease my discomfort. I have a scientific/engineering background and have even made my own orthotics when I was younger.
When I met David several months ago I was impressed with his methodical assessment of my problem, his use of measuring techniques, the use of modern technologies in the fabrication of the orthotics and their modification following my feedback (done there and then in his clinic-based workshop).
In short, thoroughly competent and scientific in his approach, David in the best podiatrist I have met.
Furthermore, it is worth me saying that his costs are reasonable. One might say ‘that’s a lot of money for a pair of insoles - I can buy a pair in Boots for £20’. True, you can. Have you heard the story of the girl asking Picasso sketch her portrait in a park? He dashed it of in a single line. ‘How much do I owe you?’ she asked. ‘$5000’ he said. ‘But it only took you a minute!’ ‘Madame it took me an entire lifetime.’

So go to Boots if you want a print, but if you want an original see David: he’s spent a lifetime making your orthotics.

David and his wife gave an excellent and friendly service. I went there with a very painful instep which made walking difficult and on my first visit David made walking so much more comfortable with his treatment. I have just been back for my second visit and after loosening the muscles and bones in my feet its like walking on air! Highly recommended and will definitely be using Foothouse regularly to keep my feet in good order. Thank you. 

Very professional excellent serves I'm a taxi driver and I m thankful to one of my costumers who recommend me foothouse. Now i would definitely recommend to everyone if you have in growing nail problem plz don't delay just ring the foothouse and book appointment promise you won't regret it.

I visited 5 years ago and had an ingrown nail treated. The pain disappeared instantly after two failed trips to the GP! Today I revisited and was fitted in promptly and again the service was excellent. I would definitely recommend the Foot House to anyone!

After struggling with pain for nearly 2 years and trying out so many therapy treatments and countless encounters with different medical professionals. THIS GUY FINAL FIXED ME! He offered a range of orthotic (specialist insoles) options , which ranged in different costs, benefits and durability and ultimately we worked together to choose an orthotic type which could be made custom to my very own needs.... and feet. 

I am addicted to running and this pain i had, hindered my performance and enjoyment of the sport. I am over the moooooon , that after having these orthotics and caring out my exercises, David has enabled me to run pain free. I am so thankful! 

Thank you so much :D

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