Verrucae Treatments

Having trouble getting rid of your Verrucae?

We offer three main treatments. Our Podiatrist will select the right one for you depending on your age, medical history and how big, how many and location of your verrucae. 

Salysilic acid


This is a topical treatment , which can be very effective if applied correctly and with persistent treatments. We suggest an average of six treatments is needed. Book a Verrucae Appointment to begin treatment.



Again a we have great success rates using this topical treatment , and is often the most suitable for our younger patients. Book a 

Verrucae Appointment to begin treatment.

Verrucae Surgery


This procedure is carried out under a local anesthetic, and has our highest success rate!  It also usually only requires one treatment.

It works by penetrating the verrucae and stimulating the body's immune system to fight the viral infection. A  Surgery assessment is necessary to evaluate your ailment and medical history before treatment under a local anaesthetic can be booked.

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