Ingrown Nail Surgery in Folkestone, Kent

Most effective treatment for ingrowing toenails

Our Podiatrist qualified in anaesthetics, can treat the following ailments under a local anaesthetic:

Ingrown nails

Damaged nails



Ingrowing, damaged or thickened fungal nails and deep corns are some of the problems that can cause lots of pain and discomfort. Our podiatrist can carry out nail surgery under local anaesthetic (numbing your toe or foot). Corns can be removed and offending nails may be partially or fully removed and a chemical can be used to help prevent the nail regrowing.

Verrucae - Needling procedure is our most successful verrucae treatment, with most patients only needing one treatment for full resolution. It works by penetrating the verrucae and stimulating the body's immune system to attack the virus. 

A 15 minute assessment is necessary to evaluate your ailment and medical history before surgery can be booked.

If you are interested in treatment performed under a local anaesthetic then please book a Surgery Assessment.

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