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Improving your comfort, mobility and performance

Orthotics , orthoses & Insoles in Kent

Welcome to Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics. We use Biomechanics to design your Bespoke / Custom made orthotics, to improve your comfort, mobility and performance. Our Podiatrist specialises in designing and in some cases manufacturing bespoke custom orthoses and insoles, using his masters degree, 20 years experience, copious cpd along with modern technology.

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4. Wear !

Most people have had insoles in their shoes and many will know something about orthoses but .......
what are they and what is the difference between insoles and orthoses or orthotics?
 For a start orthoses is the correct term not orthotics. Insoles can be any insert that goes in the shoe and could be applied to orthoses. Usually though insoles are flat soft devices that just attempt to improve comfort through cushioning.
Orthoses are specially designed inserts that actually change the nature of the forces acting on the feet and change how the foot works, the way you walk and how your stand (gait and posture).

We keep in stock a huge range of materials for making insoles while you wait. We also keep branded devices; Vasyli and Power Step, which are off the shelf orthoses, which can be customised to fit the customer’s individual needs within certain limits.
Our specialty is producing Bespoke Custom Orthoses that are uniquely prescribed and designed to the individual customer. Please read About Biomechanics to find out how we collect and evaluate the data needed to design and manufacture your custom orthoses.

Once we have analysed and evaluated your foot or lower limb problem we design and make the orthoses. This can be done by combining Davids specialist knowledge along with technology,
G- Walk, 
Amfit FootFax,
CAD CAM to capture the foot shape,
Mar system, 
5000 force sensor pressure mapping,
Video capturing
foot casting and impressions.

Custom orthoses are superior to off the shelf since they are made to the shape of the individual foot and contain the unique prescription required by the individual. The prescription describes how the orthosis is made to change the action of the foot and the forces acting through it. Custom orthoses also last longer and are more comfortable but most importantly they do the job in the most optimum and efficient way.

It is not always necessary to have custom orthoses since some feet can be fitted quite effectively with an off the shelf product or a simple insole made and fitted while you wait. Bespoke orthoses take longer to make from a few days to a few weeks.
If you are interested in Orthoses and insoles please book:
 Biomechanical Initial assessment. 
See About Biomechanics to find out more about what we do and the conditions we treat.
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