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The Clinical Pedicure

The Clinical pedicure combines high quality products, sterile tools and a clinically clean environment, to produce the best results. 


A perfect foot treatment popular with all our patients.  This clinical- pedicure will treat hard skin, corns and callus and finishing with one of our Dr Remedy Nail varnishes.


You can choose between a wet or dry option (disposable liners in our foot spa). Only using the highest quality products for your feet, leaving you feeling like you are walking on air. The products used in this treatment include :

  • Gehwol foot soak

  • Gehwol foot cream

  • Gehwol softener

  • Laufwaunder

  • Dr Remedy nail varnish

  • DaniPro nail varnish

Add on a therapeutic Lunula laser treatment for improving nail health and appearance.

Our Clinical Pedicure is carried out by Kimberly our Podiatry Assistant.

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