Find Specialist Shoes that we Trust

We have a select range of shoes, that we trust. These shoes are wearable with bespoke orthotics, and are great for people with diabetes, painful feet and/or swollen feet! We offer a free fitting service in our shop in Folkestone, and we make sure your shoes fit and are comfortable before you take them away. 

Joya offer smart and casual shoes, trainers and sandals!

Joya have a range of different rocker soles, to releive foot pressures, improve balance and activates muscles in the back and the feet.

Dr. Comforts mission is to help make life easier for people living with diabetes and other conditions affecting the feet.

Diabetic footwear is constructed to protect the feet and provide comfort. And many times, diabetic shoes are viewed as bulky and unattractive. However, health and fashion can co-exist. The Dr. Comfort way is to provide beautiful colors and styles to wear every day—just like regular shoes. We believe if you don’t love your shoes, you won’t wear them—thereby negating your health.

Our shoes are made using only the finest quality materials—so they're as fashionable as they are comfortable and healthy for the feet.

Our Family of Comfort shoes are designed to sustain the highest levels of foot health, especially for people living with diabetes and other foot conditions including Arthritis, Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, swelling, bunions, hammertoes and more. 

We stock shoes, socks and slippers by Dr. Comfort

YDA footwear stabilizes and assists each step you take

Top-quality footwear born from the technology of a leader in the field of foot health. We use the Italian YDA trainers to offload forefoot pressures. They are perfect for this purpose with their stiff sole rocker action and sprung heels. 

Bespoke Flip flops and Sandals

we can make you a pair of bespoke sandals using the prescription from the bespoke orthotic we made you. This means you no longer need to fit shoe inserts into your summer shoes !

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2 Cheriton High Street , Folkestone , Kent, CT19 4ER,  England